Remix for “Drowned In Solitude” by Lil Grind$aw

LG$ has the goal of exploring the darker and worse aspects of human life, like a slow descent into an abyss; the approach is very minimalist in terms of both sound and durability.
The productions of this collection “Drowned In Solitude” are untitled and totally disconnected from each other.
The sounds are deformed and immersed in acidic melodramas forgotten on some destroyed <span class = “bcTruncateMore”> operating system.
Its identity will remain hidden throughout the centuries everywhere.
Now shut yourself in a room and listen to everything well; concentrate; more ; imagine your perfect abyss. </span>

❏❏ Untitled Track 04 extracted from :
SUICIDE PART V : Nothing Matters
Created by : Guenter Råler
( Exclusive PWG Restyling )

ST. NICOLAI EP – Kalkatraz Cassettes (06.04.2017)

Release date: 6th April 2017


Kalkatraz Cassettes is a non-profit cassette label. By buying the music you’re supporting the label and making future releases possible.

SIDE A Guenter Råler
SIDE B Mattias Hållsten

L’EP d’esordio di Guenter Råler è un lavoro organico ed eterogeneo, ed è il riassunto di una serie di esperienze che riguardano una crescita personale descritta in maniera emotiva.
Il focus è prevalente su alcuni argomenti che ritengo molto importanti del mio passato, visto da una prospettiva quasi spersonalizzata, una visione distaccata che si nutre di esperienze derivate dall’età, dal rapporto con l’ego, dagli inizi, dalla fine delle cose, da un senso di controllo asettico sulle emozioni (Lucid Dream).
I titoli riflettono questa ricerca e questa narrativa personale. Prospettiva 21 è uno sguardo all’anno precedente alla composizione dell’ep, un passaggio interiore e un viaggio fisico, che hanno portato alla morte dell’ego e della vecchia visione delle cose (No ego, No ending, Tooyoung, Old me).

“Fire Ritual” featured on Klink by swedish label Stoscha

The compilation features six artists: Petit Singe, Axel Willner, Charlotte Simon, Air Max ‘97, Guenter Råler, rkssand TOLE, and Candy Mountain.

The mix is both humorous and sad, and at one point you hear a baby jollra. You have both organic and digital sounds, rhythm vs more ambient or beatless, the collection is experimental as well as danceable.

Get it here:

Klink will be available as a digital release as well as a limited edition of 100 copies of CD distributed by Chordsandweapons, and available on Bandcamp. The cover art was made by Charlotte Zellerhoff.

“Requiem” project by rip ME

🇬🇧 In Requiem, 17 artists has contributed with music and visuals to be combined and weaved together into a single piece. The complete release consists of a musical piece put together by rip ME, and a visual piece by Madeleine Andersson.

The Digital Album release only contains the musical piece by rip ME. The USB release contains all audio material that was used in making Requiem, as well as the video by Madeleine Andersson.

Buy your USB stick here!

Collaborators: algæ, april18th, Ellen Arkbro, Elsa Kristina Sundin, Guenter Råler, HAJ300, Jona Alicia, Juliann Julian, KABLAM, Li Frögård, Linda Mikal, Lois Nygren, Madeleine Andersson, Marcus Pal, Sissel Wincent, Skallahavet, Sonja Tofik, TMRW