“We Good” premiere on Antistandard Recs [ITA]

Ambient and drone, noise and deconstructed club, bassline and dubstep, grime, footwork and jungle, acid and techno plus many other shades refractory to simple cataloging and easy dogmatisms. To animate this collective project, keywords such as research, crossovers, sharing. “AntiWorld A” is born with the aim of breaking down the idea of musical and geographical borders and wants to be the forerunner of a set of compilations designed to probe different creative possibilities and potential amalgamations between seemingly irreconcilable universes. A microcosm in which blocks of tracks draw unusual sound constellations.

Released on 31st July 2020

Guenter Råler ✮ We Good

from WVA001 / VV​​.​​AA. ✮ AntiWorld A by VNTISTVNDVRD


✮ Guenter Råler [NL / IT] (76666 / Stranded.FM)

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