RKRN: ambient/noise/rave side project with Rick de Greef

RKRN is a collaborative project by music composers/sound designers Rick de Greef and Irene Cassarini (aka Guenter Råler). 
Heavily inspired by cyber-dystopian landscapes, RKRN aims to translate the conceptual dualism ‘human VS machine’ into the audio-visual realm, bringing these two elements to their limits.
The music has a strong link to a deconstructed version of rave music, with ambient and noise influences developed into a chaotic flow filled by metallic, distorted sounds and glitches that recall a cyberpunk robotic world, but that still shows a glimpse of human presence.
“In this video presented at Bring Your Own Beamer we want to show the unstable balance between the mechanical and the organic, a soft equilibrium of real and artificial, skin and silver metal.”
The metamorphosis of the human features follow the ever-evolving music, breathing trough tensions and dynamic reliefs and guiding the listener trough the video.
The teaser previews tracks from RKRN upcoming debut EP.


The first live show will premiere at OT301 in Amsterdam on Janaury 23rd, for the Whistespace night hosted by Anni Nöps and Casimir Geelhoed. The event picked on Resident Advisor as a suggested one to attend.


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