Remix for “Drowned In Solitude” by Lil Grind$aw

LG$ has the goal of exploring the darker and worse aspects of human life, like a slow descent into an abyss; the approach is very minimalist in terms of both sound and durability.
The productions of this collection “Drowned In Solitude” are untitled and totally disconnected from each other.
The sounds are deformed and immersed in acidic melodramas forgotten on some destroyed <span class = “bcTruncateMore”> operating system.
Its identity will remain hidden throughout the centuries everywhere.
Now shut yourself in a room and listen to everything well; concentrate; more ; imagine your perfect abyss. </span>

❏❏ Untitled Track 04 extracted from :
SUICIDE PART V : Nothing Matters
Created by : Guenter Råler
( Exclusive PWG Restyling )

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