‘Mobile Energy’ EP released on label Bene Tleilax

Available at these record stores:

🔘 Deejay.de

🔘 Lobster Records

🔘 hhv

🔘 Juno.co.uk

🔘 Decks.de


My second release with the alias Guenter Råler was released on 20th October via Bene Tleilax, a label that run by a mastermind and dear friend Serena Butler.

It is available in limited tape and digital, distributed courtesy of Lobster Theremin.

For their second installment, more human than human Bene Tleilax imprint choose a real, hidden talent from the endless submerged underworld. Guenter Raler is a young tleilaxu with a strong attitude for mutations and blending realities, where weightless grime and post-techno convive with a singular taste for contaminated ghost malwares and delicate non-binary trajectories. Mobile Energy is a journey into digitally-represented emotions, drowned into a shapeless reality. The ep is an overwhelming and transforming flux of music, a comfortable space filled by neon lights. The boundaries of Guenter Råler’s music are blurred: no predicted end, no repetition.

Permanent movement. Passing limitations.
Extended vulnerability. Primary reactions.


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