Guest mix for label Stoscha (SE/DE)

Stockholm/Frankfurt-based label Stoscha invited me to record a guest mix. Stoscha is an independent label focusing on “artefacts of feelings, magic and knowledge”.

Thirdworldlabour – Totem (The Revolution Will Not Be Streamed)
Oklou – God’s chariots
jjjacob – Cestoda
since2side – Quell
Kris Vango – Theta [featuring Lyra Pramuk]
Christoff Riedel – Aere
Shayu – Blingy
111X – Shiver
WULFFLUW XCIV – Night Romance Or Story About Dancefloor Heartbreak
RO Zar – Growth
KMRU – eve_rem
KABLAM – I Am Baby
Nahash – The Horns feat. Osheyack
Know V.A. – Mirrorscreen
MOESHA13 – No Go Zone

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