Ecotone A/V [Dekmantel]

The short film I made and scored for Dekmantel is now available online! ✨

«On the B-Side, Italian abstract artist and Dutch native Guenter Råler concocts a deeply introspective, and perfectly choreographed, ambient soundtrack to a select series of pieced together clips from the Collectie Natuurbeelden, [the Institute’s Collection of Natural Images]. The music plays against the depiction of multiple biological communities in transition; what is referred to as an ecotone. The title itself not only recalls that of a musical tone, but represents the ever-evolving aspect of life and nature as similar colours, along with movements of animals and plants pass on from one image to the next.»

Music composed and mixed by me, master by Wouter Brandenburg.
Video material courtesy of Collectie Natuurbeelden, edited by me.

Scores III is released on Dekmantel in collaboration with RE:VIVE.

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