Celebrating international Women’s Day at Dundalk Institute of Technology

Dundalk, 7 and 8 March, 2019
Institute of Technology in Dundalk, Ireland

The Department of Creative Arts, Media & Music at Dundalk Institute of Technology (DkIT), will host Mixtape #IWD, a two day multi-channel sound installation of experimental electronic music and sound art; cinema for the ear. This event, being held to mark International Women’s Day (IWD), brings together a wide array of music and sound art which celebrates womanhood.

The event, curated by composer Dr Hilary Mullaney, Lecturer in Music at DkIT, is a response to the wider issue of representation; imbalances exist in genres such as experimental electronic music, and often female artists are overlooked, and many forgotten historically. Given the strong team of female staff and students in Music at DkIT, and seeing the importance of exposing students to female composers and sound artists, Dr Mullaney dispatched an international open call for works, resulting in an overwhelming number of submissions from all genders. Given the wealth of both female composers and gender based research being conducted in Music at Dundalk IT, this seemed like an ideal time to host this event.

The installation will feature music from the listed artists (womxn, non binary, self-identifies women) including myself and will run all day Thursday 7th and Friday 8th of March in the Recital Room, PJ Carroll Building, Dundalk IT

The event is being launched by Dr Sheila Flanagan, Vice President, DkIT at 11am on Thursday, 7 March, in the PJ Carroll Building.

Entry is free and open to the general public. Register your interest here

Click here for PRESS RELEASE 

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