Bodyscan 223, a Misfit Cyberpunk Act.

I created the visuals and sound design for Bodyscan 223. Bodyscan 223 is a media dance event by Robin Nimanong, scanning our conflicted ideas about technology, accessibility and queer identity. The dancers present their queer bodies as testimonies against errored structures of society. The work premiered at Amsterdam Fringe Festival in September 2021.

The audience scans their own experience through the non-conforming performers. Together they will enter a futuristic cyberpunk experience. Artificial Intelligence and big data are increasing inequality and threatening democracy. What if algorithms will control your lifepath? Will credits control our emotions?
There has been more and more online safe queer spaces popping up online. But when are they real? The dancers will discover the current reality in this queer hybrid research.

Dance artist Robin Nimanong develops his work in the field of society and queer art, to aim for unheard voices to be heard. Consisting of the interest in dance, the body and media. He combines these with questions about identity, self-care and activism, crossing borders between dance and other disciplines.

Media Artist, VJ and DJ: me

Dance Artists:
Joley Rammon Groeizaam
Jeroen Tiyuen Janssen

Lara van Lookeren

Athina Liakopoulou

Scenography: &

Poster: Jeisson Drenth

Supported by: Amsterdam Fund for the Arts, Prince Bernhard Cultuurfonds

Research supported by: Janivo and Fonds Podium voor de Kunsten.

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