A/V mix for Club QLounge Fundraiser

Club QLounge was born as a pre- and after-party to Resident Advisor’s Club Quarantaene, with music artists, digital visual artists, painters, writers, dancers, and much more, will perform live, giving you the most comprehensive festival raving experience the digital realm has to offer. All while supporting social causes that are closest to our hearts.
Together we can raise more awareness and resources to support indescribably important social causes such as #blacklivesmatter. We must work together for a world that celebrates our differences, not one that fears them. Our scene was founded on principles of tolerance, self-expression and inclusion. We choose to stand in solidarity with those who, like us, come together and dance with people of all shapes, sizes, colors and forms.
The festival was mentioned in an article by 3voor12 Utrecht

You can visit the website clubql.com to discover all the organizations chosen for the donations.

E+E ☆ FIRE GUT (Lashay Vocal Edit) ღ [PRIMICIA 2013] ☆
Cedric Madden – Always
Jonny L – Piper
SInistarr – Detroit
Hot Source Vol2 – Side A
schoolboi cute – puss assembly
GCA008 KG – 808 BSNYEA Edit[SoundCloudMP3.cc
Guenter Råler – Irregular Breathing
Sudden Instance – Pure Form
séverine – CASH CIRCUIT
Imaabs – Cautiverio
Leibniz – Hydrogen
LAO – Merged
Circa A.D. – Abssys – Antigravity
Bodak Yellow- Cardi B ( UNIIQU3 Remix )
Medulasa – Carrion Regardless
Osheyack – Parataxon
Hyroglifics – Turbo Island

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